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Full Name:Single Rider 2017
Size: 800 MB
Quality: HD DVDRip
Release Date:22 February 2017 (South Korea) 
Language: English
Cast: Byung-hun LeeHyo-jin KongSohee

Single rider (hangul: 싱글라이더; rr: sing-geul ra-i-deo) is 2017 south korean delusion drama film starring lee byung-hun and gong hyo-jin. the film launched on february 22, 2017. co-produced and disbursed by warner bros., the movie is the directorial debut of lee joo-young.promising fund manager kang jae-hoon is at the edge of despair when his employer is going bankrupt. he decides to take an impulsive experience to australia to go to his wife.


Soo-jin and their son jin-woo. upon incoming, jae-hoon sees themDwelling fortuitously while not him and starts suspecting soo-jin’s tender chemical analysis beside her neighbour, kris. stunned by approach of true, jae-hoon makes a choice to seem at them from a distance, best to confront a stunning proven fact that goes against what he stands may not be everyplace incorrect to mention that unmated rider rides altogether on the shoulders of lee byung-hun. completely different actors like gong hyo-jin and ahn so- hee in addition do their several components well. however without doubt, it’s lee United Nations agency steals the show with aStellar performance.the movie’s technical components area unit terrific. the motion-picture photography is worthy. the visuals of the picture area unit pretty outstanding, and they’re the other reason why this film got to be caught on a blu-ray.

The film succeeds in obtaining the emotional components right and ne’er bores until it ends.the tune additionally wishes to be most well-liked as a result of it enhances the viewing enjoy typically. the director deserves reward for conveyance out the great from the solid.the movie’s development toward theQuit is but a moderate problem, as several could get pressured on what happened. even i got. but i did not discover it robust to understand what actually befell. the climax packs a punch as a result of it’s quite intense.single rider fully is another addition to pinnacle lee byung-hun films. he’s aiming to hold you engrossed no matter what. merely settle for as true with him, watch him, the film and easily question your self more or less however may you’ve got felt had you been in his location

Single Rider Full Movie Download 2017 HD 720P Torrent

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Single Rider Full Movie Download 2017 HD 720P Torrentv

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