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Full Name: Pirates  1986
Size: 906 MB
Quality: HDTS
Genres: AdventureComedyFamily
Release Date: 18 July 1986 
Cast: Walter MatthauCris CampionDamien Thomas

Pirates is a 1986 franco-tunisian adventure comedy movie written through gérard brach, john brownjohn, and roman polanski and directed by using polanski. it turned into screened out of opposition at the 1986 cannes film festival.the atlantic ocean, the 12 months 1659. the notorious english pirate thomas bartholomew red (walter matthau), referred to as the captain red, and his ship’s teenage cabin boy jean-baptiste (cris campion), nicknamed “frog”,.


Are misplaced on a raft with out materials inside the ocean. happily, captain red andFrog area unit picked up with the help of neptune, a spanish sailing ship linear unit course to Kingdom of Spain. thrown into the brig, pink and frog meet the ship’s cook boomako (olu jacobs), unfree once being defendant of poisoning the neptune’s captain linares (ferdy mayne) in an exceedingly supposed try at stealing the golden throne, loot from the Nahuatl king catapec anahuac, this is often being in secret transported within the galleon’s preserve. captain pink becomes obsessed on shooting the throne for himself. within the in the meantime, frog falls smitten withMaria-dolores (charlotte lewis), the kinswoman of maracaibo’s governor, WHO is travelling at the neptune as a traveller.captain linares dies and also the command of the deliver is confiscated by method of his unmerciful and daring ship’s officer, lieutenant don alfonso Delaware l. a. torré (damien thomas) WHO is additionally smitten with maria-dolores.

Although she will no longer reciprocate his feelings. pink and frog, placed to paintings at the side of neptune’s cluster, build Associate in Nursing try at instigating a mutiny. in response, don alfonso has them sentenced toDying at the side of some completely different mutineers. but, captain crimson devises an idea that permits them to stay off from execution Associate in Nursingd use the subsequent confusion to launch an open rebellion, that proves triple-crown while most of the team contributors rally con to their masters. once the struggle, frog profits maria-dolores’ hobby once he saves her from Associate in Nursing tried rape, killing one in each of his fellow mutineers within the system.

Pirates Full Movie Download 1986 HD 720P Torrent

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Pirates Full Movie Download 1986 HD 720P Torrent

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