Extraction Day Full Movie Download 2014 HD 720P Torrent

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Full Name: Extraction Day 2014
Size: 906 MB
Quality: HDTS
Genres:  Action 
Release Date:  28 February 2015
Language: English
Cast:  Allison BusnerNathan A. GrieveJannah Kitzman

Extraction could be a 2015 yankee direct-to-video action film directed by Steven C. Miller and written by Umair Aleem. The film stars Kellan Lutz, Bruce Willis, Gina Carano, D. B. Sweeney, Dan Bilzerian and Steve colter. The film was free on Gregorian calendar month eighteen, 2015, in a very restricted unleash, and thru video on demand by Lionsgate Premiere.In 2005, secret United States intelligence agency operative writer Turner (Bruce Willis) is control captive and interrogated by a gaggle of unidentified .


Russian arms dealers. His interrogators square measure tuned in to Leonard’s true identity and demand a full written list of individuals and businesses connected with the u. s. intelligence service in exchange for the protection of his mate and son. author breaks from captivity and kills his interrogators, phoning his colleague Ken guard (D.B. Sweeney) to induce his family to safety. Leonard’s mate, Kate, was fatally shot by the interrogator’s affiliates, whereas his immature son, Harry (Nathan Varnson) hesitates on shooting the house invaders before being saved by guard.In 2015, Associate in Nursing adult Harry (Kellan Lutz) joins the CIA’s Prag branch beneath Robertson’s wing ample to Leonard’s disapproval. whereas operative as Associate in Nursing analyst, Harry undergoes varied field agent coaching job sessions alone to be rejected repeatedly by author behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, author is given Associate in Nursing secret assignment to recover Associate in Nursing item called The vulture, a mobile laptop capable of hacking the whole world telecommunications infrastructure which will alone be deactivated with a physical key. whereas author tries to recover the device in town, New Jersey, he’s ambushed and captured by arms dealer Drake Chivu (Joshua Mickel).C.I.A. Station Chief Theodore Sitterson (Steve Coulter) is noted to hurry on the recent development and assigns field agent Victoria Phair (Gina Carano) to recover The vulture whereas keeping Harry out of the investigation. Incensed, Harry breaks free from his security escort diode by Higgins (Dan Bilzerian) and flies to town therefore on analysis Drake’s associates.

Extraction Day Full Movie Download 2014 HD 720P Torrent

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Extraction Day Full Movie Download 2014 HD 720P Torrent

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